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The roller chain is a chain used to transmit mechanical power and is widely used in home, industrial and agricultural machinery, including conveyors, plotters, printing machines, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It is linked by a series of short cylindrical rollers and driven by a gear called a sprocket. This is a simple, reliable and efficient power transmission device.

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High strength chains are generally built in accordance with ANSI or BS and are dimensionally identical to Heavy Series Drive chains, but are specially designed and incorporate pins produced from medium carbon alloy steel. These pins are through-hardened to give the chain a higher working load capacity and additional resistance to fatigue in high load and pulsating type applications. There is much more to consider when choosing chains than just load capacity

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There are many other variations of chain such as leaf and conveyor. Conveyor Chain, which as the name would suggests is used to convey products, generally within an industrial application such as a car factory.

Leaf chains generally have greater tensile strength than roller versions, and run over sheaves rather than sprockets. They are commonly used as counterweight for machine tools, elevator and oven doors, and fork lift truck masts, spinning frames and similar lifting or balancing applications.

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Every forklift has a mast - two vertical interlocking rails guided by bushings and rollers. Operated by a lever in the cab, the mast is driven by hydraulic cylinders, linked to the forklift's motor or an air pump, which enable the mast to go up, down or tilt sideways.

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The forks, also called blades or tines, are attached to the main body of the truck through a mast chain and lift chain with a gear at the top of the mast. When the hydraulic cylinders push the mast up, the gears on the mast push against the roller chains. Because the lift chain is attached to the forklift's frame, this makes the forks move up or down depending upon the rotation of the mastrollers.

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Specialty steel is used for the lift chain and mast chain so they can handle shock loads and withstand wear and tear. A special design of link plates and pins is necessary to make the chains flexible and to accommodate their reciprocating motion. The chains are guided by roller bearings and move over sheaves instead of sprockets. Because a Caterpillar lift chain will have different dimensions from a Daewoo truck, parts suppliers offer chains in bulk or cut-to-length for individual forklift operators.

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Inasmuch as the bearings, bushings and chain system is constantly subjected to stress, it must be carefully inspected every day or before the truck is put into operation. Chains must be properly lubricated all the time. Rust and corrosion in the chain may require replacement of the parts. An elongation of the chain by more than 3% means that strength is reduced by 15% and the chain must be replaced. If plate cracking is discovered, a new chain must be installed before the forklift is put back into service. Twisted or turned pins may be caused by lack of lubrication and result in chain failure.

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