Stainless Steel Flex Top Chain

We can provide stainless steel desk best chain are created as for every DIN normal or ISO common.

There are numerous chain plate colour CZPT: Gray, shot-peened, blue, black, yellow

There are two varieties of lubrications CZPT: Anti-rust oil or grease

Chain plate marking: Only chain product or with our brand or with your brand

Bundle: Steel pallet or wood circumstance

Our good quality is reliable and export to CZPTpe, Usa, Canada, Japan, Korea and so on in big amount

Remember to come to feel free of charge to allow us know your depth enquiry by return e-mail or fax

Stainless Metal Chain, Stainless Steel Roller Chains

CZPTpean CZPT Stainless Metal Roller Chain
Stainless Metal Ultra Miniature Chains: 11SS, 15SS, 03BSS, 04BSS
BS/DIN CZPT Limited Pitch Stainless Steel Roller Chains: 05BSS – 32BSS
BS/DIN CZPT Quick Pitch Stainless Attachment Chains: 06BSS – 32BSS
BS/DIN Straight Linkplate Stainless Roller Chains: C08BSS – C32BSS
BS/DIN CZPT Pitch Stainless Steel Transmission Roller Chains: 208BSS – 232BLSS
BS/DIN CZPT Pitch Stainless Steel CZPT Roller Chains: C208BSS – C224BLSS
Stainless Steel Anti Backbend Chains for Air flow Method: KSA, KSC, KSL, KSM
Stainless Steel Film Binding Chain

American CZPT Stainless Steel Roller Chain
ANSI Quick Pitch Stainless Metal Roller Chains: 25SS – 160SS
ANSI Limited Pitch Stainless Steel Attachment Chains: 25SS – 160SS
ANSI Straight Linkplate Stainless Steel Roller Chains: C35SS – C160SS
ANSI Hefty Obligation Stainless Steel Roller Chains: 40HSS – 240HSS
ANSI CZPT Pith Stainless Steel Transmission Roller Chains: A2040SS – A2162HSS
ANSI CZPT Pitch Stainless Metal CZPT Roller Chains: C2040SS – C2122HSS
ANSI CZPT Pitch CZPT Attachment Chains: C2040SS – C2122HSS

Stainless Metal Hollow Pin Chains and Attachments
– Short Pitch Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chains: 08BHPSS – 12BHPSS, 40HPSS – 80HPSS
– CZPT Pitch Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chains: C2040HPSS – C2082HPSS
– Big Pitch Stainless Metal Hollow Pin Chains: MC, EC, ZC, FVH Collection
– Massive Pitch Stainless Steel Strong Pin CZPT Chain: ISO, BS, DIN or JIS
– ANSI Stainless Metal Facet Bow Chains: 08BSBSS – 12BSBSS 35SBSS – 80SBSS
– ANSI Tailored Stainless Metal Chains: 40SS Sticker, 40SS Tent
– ANSI CZPT CZPT Chains: 40PC – 60PC
– ANSI Poly Stainless Steel Chains: 25PS – 60PS

– Stainless Steel Desk Prime Chains (Flat Prime Chains, Slat Band Chains)
– 1 Piece Chains: SS815, SS881, SS881T
– Two Piece Chains: SS884, SS1864, SS1874
– Stainless Metal Silent Chains (only 3/sixteen” stainless steel silent chain)
– Stainless Metal Leaf Chains (equally AL and BL/LH stainless metal leaf chain)

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Stainless Steel Flex Top Chain