Plastic Geonet Machine with One Extruder From China

CZPT Geonet Equipment with One particular Extruder From China


CZPT geonet machine is mostly use HDPE, LDPE, PP as raw materials, incorporating antistatic agent, anti-growing older agent and other additives, then extrusion into the internet, this type of web with the characteristics like put on-resiatant, corrosion resistant, toughness and other characteristics, can be replaced by wire mesh.


CZPT Parameters

Model                                                           DY-TGW120 Computerized feeder                                     one established
Feeding method                                            by vacuum
Hopper material                                            stainless metal
Feeding height                                              ≤5m
Feeding capacity                                           300kg/h/set  
one.two Solitary screw extruder                               1 set     
Screw dia.                                                    Φ120mm
L/D ratio                                                      30:one
Rotary speed                                                 -75rpm
Primary motor power                                         110KW
Frequency speed adjustment                           transducer motor
Transducer                                                    ABB model
Heating power                                              approx. 65KW
Extrusion capacity                                         180kg/h
Heaters                                                         six zones heaters
Screw & Barrel material                                38CrMoAIA, Nitrided
Nitrided depth                                               .four-.7mm
Nitrided rigidity                                            HV720-940

1.3 Rotary die head                                       one set
Material                                                       large quality mould steel, nitrided
Mould                                                          one established (as sample)
Solution width                                               4000mm
Solution thickness                                          Max. 8mm
Rotation type                                                various directions rotary type
Heating method                                             heating ring of stainless steel
Heating power                                              approx 10KW
Driving method                                             frequency handle of pace altering
Driving power                                              five.5KW
1.4 Mandrel                                                  one established
Material                                                       steel
Width                                                           4000mm

1.5 Cooling h2o tank                                   one established
Cooling method                                            by h2o
Material                                                       stainless metal plate
H2o overflow device                                   one established
Draw-off roller                                             two sets
one.6 Reducing and flat system                             1 set
Cutting method                                             fixing knife
Knife material                                               substantial-velocity metal
Flatting method                                             flatting shelf
Knife Q’ty                                                 1 piece

one.7 Attract-off system                                      1 established
Width of draw-off roller                                4200mm
No. of attract-off grade                                    two grades attract-off
Driving method                                             by frequency conversion
Attract-off method                                          by rubber rollers
Attract-off power                                            4KW
Max attract-off speed                                       .two-5m/min
Clamping method                                          pneumatically
Doing work air pressure                                      .four-.5Mpa
1.eight.Winding system                                        one set
(1) chopping method:                                  Saw blade cut off
(two) duration measurement:                              exact length, pre-alarm
(3) chopping electrical power:                                   1.5Kw
(four) Cutting stroke:                                   4.2
(5) Coil width:                                      four.two meters
(six) winding torque manage:                            Electromagnetic torque controller manage
(7) Torque range:                                    20-100Nm

Business Profile

we are specialist company of CZPT net device, our chief engineer had engaged in this fields for much more than 20 years.
Our company Common with Rotary Die CZPT tech and Reciprocating Die CZPT tech, also designed new construction style, have many patents. our diamond mesh device and square mesh machine choosing one extruder and modular manage, low value, far more constant, more versatile and far more effective, effortless to operate and need significantly less worker, will effortless bring advantage to you, is extremely common home and overseas, the items can extensively utilized in geonet, breeding, decoration, backyard garden fence, landscaping, security warning fence and so on.


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Plastic Geonet Machine with One Extruder From China