Organic Certified Vegetable Source 40-80% Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

Natural Qualified Vegetable Source 40-eighty% Amino Acid Natural Fertilizer


Variety: Chloride Totally free
Appearance: Yellowish Powder
Drinking water solubility: Fully
Free of charge Amino acid: 40-eighty% 
Natural Nitrogen: 8-13% 
Dampness: five% max
Hefty steel (as Pb): 20ppm max

Look Yellowish powder
Drinking water solubility Completely
Free Amino acid 40-eighty%
Natural and organic Nitrogen seven.two-thirteen%
Dampness five% max
Large metallic (as Pb) twenty ppm max

AmiCZPT®  is attained from soybean cake and is fully water soluble. Furthermore, it provides natural and organic nitrogen in totally free amino acid form which can be directly utilised in plant. Amino has the edge that it adheres very well to leaves, because of its high viscosity, and it functions as an natural and organic chelator of certain trace factors. Consequently it is commonly utilized as a foliar fertilizer in blend with other h2o soluble fertilizers and in blend with practically all professional plant security agents to enhance their efficiency.


  1. Promotes the development of photosynthesis and chlorophyll
  2. No residue, enhances the bodily and chemical homes of soil
  3. Stimulates protein synthesis and increase crop creation
  4. Increases absorption of nutrients via leaves and roots
  5. Promotes enzymatic activity as a normal stimulant
  6. Increases the protein, sugar and vitamin articles in the plant
  7. Improves the efficiency of the pesticides and fungicide
  8. Increases crop resistance to adverse situations like drought, frost, and illness
  9. Supports the plant with needed amino acids and peptides
  10. Lower the incidence of specified plant illnesses
  11. Increase crop produce and quality
  12. All-natural organic and natural fertilize

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CROP Advisable Software
Area crop six-12 kg/ha divided into three apps (2-4 kg/ha per time) each 15 days soon after the very first correct leaf stage.
Greens six-12 kg/ha divided into two-3 programs (two-4 kg/ha per time) each and every 10-15 times, starting up from planting.
Fruit trees 10-fifteen kg/ha divided into numerous doses in the course of the season (3-5 kg/ha per time), from pre-blooming phase right up until the starting of the colouring stage.
Foliar application .8-one.25 kg/a thousand liters water every single fifteen-20 days for the duration of the season , two-4 kg/ha per time.
Root irrigation one-2 kg/a thousand liters drinking water every single fifteen-20 days in the course of the season , 4-6 kg/ha per time.

Bundle:  Kraft bags with PE liner, 20 kg internet
1 kg,5 kg,10 kg foil/PE bag, packed (CZPT bundle).
Storage:  Sealed well and shop in amazing and dry spot.


Organic Certified Vegetable Source 40-80% Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer