Nickel Iron Ingot Continuos Casting Machine

        Cast iron device is the tools for constant casting of iron blocks with molten iron. Its approach is that locomotive transports molten iron tanker or mixer truck loaded with molten iron from blast furnace to forged iron equipment workshop through railway locomotive or car. The molten iron tank is tipped above by tipping mechanism. The molten iron flows into solid iron equipment mould via molten iron trough, and the solid iron machine mould loaded with molten iron is pushed by chain belt. In the procedure of transportation, cooling water is sprayed on the crusted iron block to pace up the cooling of the iron block the iron block falls off at the starwheel of the equipment head and is transported out by chute into the truck personal iron blocks that are not straightforward to drop off are cleaned up by the choosing unit, so that when the chain belt returns, the iron block falls off simply. The mold is repeatedly injected into the solid iron mould for the duration of the procedure of the casting device.

    Eight Qualities:

       (one) Provide a complete set of Mechatronics equipment. The motor adopts three-period AC variable frequency speed regulating motor, which can pace the chain belt procedure with poleless variable frequency.
       (two) solid iron mold adopts unique alloy cast steel, the typical single-mode iron content is one hundred~a hundred and sixty tons / block.
       (3) The chain plate is outfitted with a put on-resistant sleeve, which is positioned by the sleeve and is not straightforward to tumble off. The dress in-resistant sleeve and the transmission shaft are simply changed soon after put on, thus prolonging the service existence of the chain plate.
       (4) The supporting rollers are organized in accordance with specific policies to make sure the smooth operation of the chain belt the shaft stop is designed with a dust-evidence framework to avert dust impurities from entering the bearing and ensure the regular operation of the rollers.
      (five) the design and style of major and slave wheels is realistic, and the set up and adjustment are adopted.
      (6) Buffer anti-splash chute is employed to reduce the splash decline of molten iron and improve the yield of molten iron.
      (seven) Again-leaching approach is adopted for cooling. The water movement is not right sprayed on the rigid crust iron block. The cooling radiation surface is big, the temperature of iron block drops quickly, and the manufacturing efficiency is high.
      (8) It is equipped with a choosing unit, which can routinely thoroughly clean the iron blocks which are not simple to drop off by alone, CZPT harmful the cast iron mould, guarantee the regular procedure of the tools, lessen the phenomenon of sticking iron and minimize the labor intensity of the staff.

     Three primary types of forged iron machines:
     (1) double chain belt roller fastened forged iron equipment ideal for massive and medium-sized blast furnace matching gear
     (two) double chain belt roller cell forged iron machine suited for medium and little blast furnace matching gear
    (three) double chain belt roller cell cantilever cast iron machine is suited for medium and modest blast furnace matching tools.

Iron equipment electrical technique gear desk
No. Handle system Unit Name
one Chain handle Frequency conversion cupboard, console, field operation box
2 Lime slurry spraying manage MCC cabinet and discipline operation box
three Chain conveyor management MCC cabinet and discipline procedure box
4 Tilting hoist management MCC cabinet
5 Baking manage of forged iron mildew Subject operation box
six Circulating drinking water method management MCC cupboard and area operation box
In accordance to the user’s demands, we can configure numerous technical specs of transducers and other properly-acknowledged components at residence and abroad, which can meet the user’s specifications.


Iron Machine CZPTal Technique Tools Table
No. Identify
1 Front pillar (65T-140T)
2 Tipping winch (65T-140T)
3 Rotary chain conveyor
four Splash evidence very hot steel chute
5 Front triangular baffle and bracket
six Rear baffle
7 Fixed chute
eight Iron retaining unit
9 Shotcrete program tools
10 Grilled iron unit
11 Pneumatic turnover iron chute
twelve Pit auto
13 Spray cooling technique
fourteen Iron mildew drying

Nickel Iron Ingot Continuos Casting Machine