Mxl PU Timing Belt

MXL Pu Timing Belt
one&period Reduced noises&comma NO slippage
two&interval Substantial transmission electricity
three&period of time Wear Out Resistance
four&period No need to have to principal

Timing Belt Types
MXL&comma XL&comma L&comma H&comma XH&comma XXH&comma HTD&comma T2&period5&comma T5&comma T10&comma T20&comma AT5&comma AT10&comma AT20&comma 2M&comma 3M&comma 5M&comma 8M&comma 14M&comma 20M&comma S2M&comma S3M&comma S4&period5M&comma S5M&comma S8M&comma S14M&comma RP2M&comma RP3M&comma RP5M&comma RP8M&comma RP14M
Open Belts
1&period Open Ended Timing belt—-infinite extended or joined unlimited type&period
two&time period Improve wire is stainless metal&comma and Kevlar for your reference&interval
three&interval Including inexperienced material on tooth for all measurements
4&period All dimensions can be jointed into unlimited belt&time period
Mechanism Home
– Secure Dimension
– Reduced Pull Force
– Small Noise
– Use Out Resistance
– No need to have to sustain
– Exceptional Elasticity
– Exact Line
– Max linear Speed can get to 80M&solsec&period of time

Chemical Home
– Anti Getting older
– Anti Hydrolyze
– Anti UVA&comma
– Anti-Ozone
– Working Temperature&colon -30° C~&plus80° C The Max&time period Diploma inside of quick time can up to &plus110° C
– Anti-oil and anti-ester
– Anti acid&comma alkaline resistance
– Blended with other thermoplastic resources

Our timing belts are composed of shut round rubber&comma with tooth and hooked up belt or pulley&time period When doing work&comma enamel and trough are in harmony and one particular motion will result in transmission of enamel&comma chain&comma and belt&period of time We can make most Korean and Japanese auto timing belts&comma as nicely as CZPTpean timing belts&time period We use higher good quality uncooked resources which includes Neoprene rubber&comma glass fiber cord&comma nylon fabric imported from the Uk and Japan&period

Variety Pitch Tooth peak Belt Thickess Angle
MXL two&period032 &period51 one&period14 40°
XXL three&period175 &period76 1&period52 50°
XL five&period08 one&period27 2&period3 50°
L nine&period525 one&period91 3&period6 40°
H twelve&period7 two&period29 4&period3 40°
XH 22&period225 6&period35 11&period2 40°
XXH 31&period75 9&period35 15&period7 40°
T2&period5 two&period5 &period7 one&period3 40°
T5 five 1&period2 2&period2 40°
T10 10 two&period5 4&period5 40°
T20 twenty five eight 40°
AT5 5 one&period2 2&period7 50°
AT10 10 2&period5 5 50°
AT20 twenty five eight 50°

Mxl PU Timing Belt