Low Price Spiral Flexible Hopper Screw Conveyor

Description of Reduced Price tag Spiral Adaptable Hopper Screw CZPT

The screw conveyor can be divided into level, inclined and merged varieties according to configuration fashion. It can complete concentrated transportation, respectively conveying, mixing components, combination, CZPT batching, discharging and stacking, being utilised with other conveying system jointly.

For Choosing diverse type according to your specific predicament:
one. Tubular screw conveyor
two. Trough kind screw conveyor
3. Hopper kind screw conveyor

CZPT parameters

Model LS100 LS160 LS200 LS250 LS315 LS400 LS500
a hundred 160 200 250 315 400 500
Screw pitch
one hundred 160 200 250 315 355 400
CZPT parameters N(r/min) 140 112 a hundred 90 80 seventy one 63
Q 2.2 8 14 24 34 sixty four a hundred
N(r/min) 112 ninety 80 71 sixty three 56 50
Q 1.seven 7 12 20 26 fifty two 80
N(r/min) ninety seventy one sixty three fifty six 50 45 forty
Q 1.four six ten 16 21 forty one sixty four
N(r/min) seventy one 50 50 45 forty 36 32
Q one.one four 7 thirteen sixteen 34 52

Keep location around screw conveyor clear and cost-free of obstructions and to keep away from interference with the purpose of the screw conveyor. Periodic inspections need to be made of the subsequent:
1. CZPTs: check out for appropriate lubrication. Lubricate all bearings in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.  
two. Equipment reducers: examine for correct lubrication. Lubricate all bearings in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
three. Screw blade: examine for hurt, extreme put on and substance buildup. Replace screw blade sections as necessary.
4. Tube or troughs: verify for damage, excessive wear and materials buildup. Replace tube or trough sections as needed.
five. Seal: check for leakage. Adjust seal or change packing as necessary.
six. Assembly bolts: check out for tightness.

How to get a single set of appropriate screw conveyor, you should share with us the adhering to questions:
one. What’s name of bulk materials and the characteristics? This sort of as coal, cement, stone, grain and many others.
two. Length from inlet to outlet? These kinds of as 5m,20m,50m,100m etc.
3. How much about the capability? This sort of as 5t/h,10t/h,20t/h and so on.
four. How significantly about the max inclined angle? This sort of as 5°,10°,15°,25° and many others.
Explain to us those knowledge, let us make the appropriate answer for you.

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Low Price Spiral Flexible Hopper Screw Conveyor