High Quality Finished Product Conveyor   Conveyor Belt

Concluded solution conveyor

Complete solution conveyor, solution get absent conveyor, tiny inclined conveyor, PP belt conveyor

Composed by stainless metal body and module sort chain plate belt which is produced of meals quality polypropylene (pp), will come an classy and generous visual appeal. Largely utilised to convey the finished goods from packer.

1. The machine can deliver the packaged finished pouch to the examine devices and packaging system.
two. Manufactured of 304 stainless steel and PP substance Belt.

Feeding pace 30M/moment
Dimension 1600mm(L)×520mm(W)×1000mm(H)
Energy 180W
Voltage A few phase 380V

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Gear CO., LTD.

We are the company of computerized packing device for flexible pouch / bag / sachet packing  (flat bag, zipper pouch, adhere, standup pouch, triangle sachet)

Our machines include
1.Automatic muli-heads weighing and packing equipment (for puff foodstuff, sound

2.Automated multi-lanes filling and packing equipment ( adhere bag & four sides sealing bag).
three.Automated sachet filling and packing machine ( Liquid, paste, powder & granule)
4.Automated hardware counting and packing device (for nuts, screws, bolts, sweet, plastic things.)
five.Big quantity powder packing machine
six.granule filling and packing equipment
7.Computerized liquid paste filling and packing device
8.Huge quantity filling and packing machine ( 5–50kg)
9.Horizontal flow packing device (for cake, bread,wafer,meat,carrot.and so forth)
10.Tea bag weighing and packing device (Pyramid sort, with thread and label , paper filter ,vacuum kind)
11.Semi car measuring and filling machine ( powder & granule & liquid )
twelve.Automatic triangle bag packing machine / 3 dimension sealing bag packing equipment / again sealing bag packing machine

High Quality Finished Product Conveyor   Conveyor Belt