Die Cutting Machine Automatic



  1. FEEDER (Max cut guide edge feeder)
  1. New up graded, same as Max reduce lead edge feeder, much more correct and positive feeding.
  2. Exceptional jogger at feeder to put together for the achievable future in line operation with pre feeder (optional).
  3. Pneumatic aspect push information plates (left and right sides).
  4. Left and correct facet guides, individually situation adjustable and sign-up facet at selection for each box format.
  5. Substantial vacuum blower with silencer and valving system.


  1. Crank and worm equipment, toggle travel method for the lower platen.
  2. The mobile platen stroke is improved from 71mm to 95mm for dealing with corrugated board (especially AB Flute) smoother.
  3. Stationary large precision higher platen.
  4. Basic safety door and die chaser protection locking technique.
  5. Higher torque pneumatic clutch/split for positive clutch on and dependable breaking, and special air inlet technique to manage the air volume for smooth equipment start off and stop.
  6. Air cushion beneath the chopping plate for straightforward cutting plate in and out.
  7. Gear primary travel.
  8. Overloading protection torque restrict clutch.
  9. Condition-of-the-artwork three cam index gripper chain generate.
  10. Center line program appropriate to Middle Line II, makes the slicing die and stripping die centered quickly.
  11. Substantial good quality precision alloy gripper bars, every single with twelve specific hardened grippers to guarantee company seize of the sheet at high pace.
  12. Sheet arrival and departure examine photograph sensor.
  13. Still left and right front lay locking blocks, separating and synchronizing adjustment CZPT.
  14. Chain manual rail use VL compound to improve abrasive resistance and seismic resistance.
  15. Self-diagnostic trouble exhibit.
  16. Electronic pace show.
  17. Automated recycling lubrication method with oil strain gauge and oil force change.
  18. Automated major gripper drive chain lubrication.


  1. STRIPPING Section
  1. Centerline method (compatible to Centerline II).
  2. 400mm higher stripping frame raiser improves the procedure place, more operator welcoming.
  3. Motorized higher frame suspending hoister.
  4. Guide edge squander elimination technique.
  5. Centerline program for fast stripping die set up.


  1. Delivery
  1. Escalator shipping and delivery fork with non-end air cylinder for neat and constructive delivery and conveyor belt delivery table to defend the sheets from scratches.
  2. Bundle shipping with pre-set counter requesting only 1 sheet interval in non-stop procedure at 4500S/H creation velocity.
  3. The bundle delivery table can be well prepared for long term relationship with breaker for in line operation (to be necessary at buy).
  4. Total stripping with/CZPT guide edge waste stripping convertible by one button, no instrument alter, a lot more operator friendly and secure operation.
  5. CZPT loaded adjustable chain rigidity again buffering wheel to sustain the chain tension constant and easy gripper bar motion.


No. Design RYPE-1620SA
1 Highest Sheet Measurement 1620x1200mm
2 Bare minimum Sheet Measurement 650x450mm
three Highest Chopping Size 1600x1180mm
4 Internal CZPT Size 1630x1210mm
five Optimum Mechanical Velocity 5000 cycles/hour
6 Greatest Chopping Pressure 400 tons
7 Stock Selection E, B,C,A and AB flute corrugated board (1~eight.5mm)
eight Bare minimum Gripper Margin 6~12mm
9 Bare minimum Gripper Squander 12mm(Length from first knife to paper edge)
10 Chopping Rule Top 23.8mm
11 Complete Power Essential 35 KW
12 Main Motor Energy 22 KW
thirteen CZPTal Power 380V, 50HZ, three-phase
14 Air Pump Displacement .7m³/min
15 Mobile Decrease Platen Altering Range ±1.5mm
16 Internet Excess weight of Equipment 32 tons
seventeen Gross Bodyweight of Device 39.5 tons
eighteen Machine Proportions (LxWxH) 9980×5670 x2480 mm (contains strolling board)

Die Cutting Machine Automatic