Biofuels Wood Fired Boiler

Rated steam output: 2-20ton/hr
Rated functioning pressure: 1.25-two.5Mpa
Rated steam temperature: 193-226ºC
Fuel type: 
straw, rice husk and other direct burning gasoline, formed biomass, bituminous coal, and blended fuels of bituminous coal and biomass.


Xineng is accountable for the unbiased design and style of the biomass fired steam boiler, which converts biomass chemical energy into the heat energy necessary in creation procedures, heating of equipment and standard heat provide and creation.

This steam boiler is widely utilized in energy stations, chemical crops, textile mills, printing and dyeing mills and food processing crops.

  • Meals market: The steam can be utilised for cleaning, as nicely as heating, drying or disinfecting meals.
  • Spinning, printing and dying industry: utilised for dying, rinsing and shaping of cloth.
  • Organic drugs market: used for heating response kettles, condensation reaction, exchanging warmth and disinfecting of chemical reaction methods.
  • Hospital: used for disinfecting, heating, and air conditioning.
  • Petrochemical Industry: used for heating oil in get to increase liquidity.
  • Wooden furnishings industry: used for drying wooden, brick and other materials.
  • Papermaking market: High strain steam is employed to push energy generation. Soon after decompressing, the steam is employed for drying, and the very last of the low-force steam is used for ink removing, pulping or paper generation.
  • Tobacco sector: provide warmth for making pipe tobacco and baking.

CZPT Parameters:

Type Rated steam output ( t/h ) Rated operating stress( Mpa) Rated steam temperature(ºC) H2o source temperature(ºC) Boiler measurement( mtwo ) Economizer dimensions( mtwo) Air pre-heater dimensions( m2 ) Successful spot of grate( m2 ) Boiler quantity( m3 ) Style thermal efficiency( % ) Optimum dimension of transport element( m ) Greatest bodyweight of shipping and delivery part ( t ) Overall size soon after set up( m )
SZL2-one.25-T 2 one.25 193 20 fifty nine.5 24.sixty one   four 4.3 > eighty two 7 × 2.five × three.53 32 seven.five × 3.three × 4.5
SZL2-one.6-T one.6 204
SZL2-2.five-T 2.5 226
SZL4-1.twenty five-T 4 one.25 193 20 93.7 35.five   5.24 six.five > 82 seven.five × 2.six × three.fifty three 34 eight × three.six × 4.5
SZL4-1.6-T one.six 204
SZL4-2.five-T 2.five 226
SZL6-1.25-T 6 1.twenty five 193 20 156 87.2 seven.three > 83 six.2×2.8×3.fifty three 26 eight.3×5.7×6.two
SZL6-1.6-T one.six 204
SZL6-2.5-T two.5 226
SZL8-one.twenty five-T 8 one.twenty five 193 sixty 196.7 209.three   9.four nine.six > eighty three 6.nine × three.28 × three.53 29 eight.9 × × six.2
SZL8-1.six-T 1.six 204
SZL8-two.5-T 2.5 226
SZL10-one.25-T 10 1.twenty five 193 sixty 238.3 244.4   eleven.ninety six twelve.four > 84 seven.6 × three.28 × three.53 31 9.eight × × six.2
SZL10-one.6-T one.six 204
SZL10-two.5-T two.5 226
SZL15-1.twenty five-T fifteen one.twenty five 193 104 335.5 174.4 82.4 seventeen.eight fifteen > eighty four nine.76 × three.36 × three.53 forty two ten.9 × ×
SZL15-1.six-T one.6 204
SZL15-2.5-T two.5 226
SZL20-1.25-T twenty one.25 193 104 412 236 181 21.eight 21 > eighty four 11 × 3.36 × three.54 fifty one.five 12 × five.8 × six.eight
SZL20-one.6-T one.six 204
SZL20-2.5-T two.5 226

Manufacturing Approach Attribute

one. Boiler substance: seamless steel pipe
two. Welding process: Argon arc welding and radiographic tests
three. Bending shaping: The tube is shaped soon after the bending process in the pipe bending equipment in get to make certain the coil define dimension accuracy and make certain it satisfies GB/T17410 expectations.
4. Drinking water strain screening: Soon after shaping, the h2o force check for the tube is carried out just before the boiler leaves the manufacturing facility.


1. There are different varieties of biomass gas: Straw, rice straw, wooden, palm shell, bark and other waste crops can be utilized as fuel. They are cleanse and environmentally helpful, attribute a high combustion effectiveness, and can be simply transported.
two. In contrast to coal, organic gas, and oil, biomass gas is not only less high-priced, but also has outstanding qualities for energy conservation, environmental protection and gasoline regeneration.
three. We have an A grade production license, and the ASME production qualification S U stamp.

Technique Composition

The industrial boiler is a all-natural circulation boiler that is divided into 2 elements. The upper location is the boiler heated surface area, with the reduced portion consisting of the grate. The stop of the boiler is outfitted with an economizer and air-preheating method. The boiler also attributes a drinking water circulation method, flue gas technique, ash technique and blowing technique.

1. Boiler heated surface
The boiler heated area is made up of the steam drum, water drum, header, h2o wall and convection tube bundle. The drinking water drum is also outfitted with a sewage device.

two. Grate
The boiler employs a chain grate with wind blowing from the base. There are six independent wind chambers in the grate, which can be adjusted primarily based on user combustion circumstances in buy to save electrical energy.

3. Economizer
The economizer is put on the tail end of the boiler, and is employed to get well residual warmth from the flue gas. When the temperature of the exhaust fuel is also higher, the economizer will lessen the temperature and help save gasoline.

four. Air for every-heater
The air pre-heater can warmth the air prior to it enters the boiler, and hence, enhance the boiler’s combustion efficiency.

five. Water circulation program
Water resource-pump-economizer-drum-downcomer– drinking water drum– riser tube– steam drum– steam outlet

six. Ash system

After gasoline burning, the ensuing ash will be discharged employing a slag extractor at the stop of the grate. Ash that just isn’t swiftly discharged will drop into the entrance ash bucket with the chain grate managing. This means customers do need to frequently thoroughly clean the grate.

Boiler Code and CZPTs

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
China Boiler & pressure Code
Other folks code and standards (Appropriate nations around the world)

Biofuels Wood Fired Boiler